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Precise, efficient and detail focused.

We at Craft3rd Events give only the best, executing to the needs of our clients.


Whether it is Team Building, Conferences, an exciting Product Launch, or a memorable Company Dinner; our team of experienced personnels will be there to see things through.


From Programmes Planning to Logistics and full on day coordinations, Craft3rd Events is your One stop events solution.
Going above and beyond; helping you

build new opportunities, one event at a time.

Truelifesciences Holding Annual Kick off meeting 2019
Venue: Park Royal Hotel | Penang , Malaysia 

Corporate Team building :

"The greatest asset to a company is Its employees" –Anne M. Mulcahy

Building strong, efficient and effective employees is essential for the growth of every business. We tailor fun & productive activities & programs to better facilitate communication, motivate employees, promote creativity and develop problem-solving skills.

Our Programs are available in 3 parts, Half day, Full day & multiple days with retreat.


Event & Product launch,

Launch Events are usually the most pressured event in any organisation, From planning, getting approvals, tendering a proposal, looking for other companies to collaborate with, budgeting, looking for vendors & suppliers and the list goes on.

An Important Event like this needs to be properly planned and executed as meticulously as possible.

Here at Craft3rd Event, we have planned and executed numerous launches including, but not limited to some Government projects on top of others. We believe that every successful event will allow businesses the opportunity to build useful relationships with future clients.

BeAMP  by TNB Ventures with (the honorary presence of the Second Minister for Finance ,  Mr Lawrence Wong )
Venue: Capitol Tower , Singapore 


Petz-a-Mania, Ipoh's premier and largest pet festival in Perak, successfully unfolded as a grand spectacle, uniting pet enthusiasts and families alike. With an impressive gathering of 80 vendors hailing from Penang, Ipoh, and Kuala Lumpur, the festival attracted a whopping 5000 attendees. Noteworthy collaborations with NGOs added a heartwarming touch to the event, emphasizing community and compassion.
Distinguished guests, VIP En Chan Ming Khai, Political Secretary for the Prime Minister, and YB Jenny Choy, Deputy Speaker for the Perak Parliament, graced the occasion, underscoring the festival's significance.
The festival went beyond being just a pet-centric event, offering a diverse range of programs for both pets and families to enjoy. Petz-a-Mania emerged as not just a pet extravaganza but a vibrant celebration of the bond between pets, their owners, and the community at large.
Petz-a-Mania truly brought together the community in a celebration of love for animals

Petz-A-Mania Pawstival 2023
GOH: VIP En Chan Ming Khai, Political Secretary for the Prime Minister, and YB Jenny Choy, Deputy Speaker for the Perak Parliament

Venue: Stadium Indra Mulia , Ipoh Perak