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Wedding Planning
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Vendor Sourcing & Coordinating

From finding the perfect wedding venue, hiring the right makeup artist to engaging your preferred style photographer, we will help source the right vendors that meet your needs, requirements and budget. 

What we offer: 

  • Provide a List of Our Recommended Vendors & Arranging of Vendor Appointments

  • Proposing & Finalizing Wedding Themes & Concepts

Actual Day & Rehearsal Planning

A couple's priority is to get married and enjoy the wedding day. We will guide you on everything you need to know & do on your wedding day. Look your best & let us worry about the rest.

What we offer:

  • Planning of Itinerary & Activities 

  • Coordinate Actual Day Happenings

  • Rehearsal Briefings of Roles & Responsibilities (Bride, Groom, Parents, Groomsmen & Bridal Parties & etc) 

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Virtual Wedding Planning & Management

Planning your wedding during this time can be tough,
Let us handle your virtual wedding from the start to the end,
What we offer: 

  • Onsite setup & stream

  • Professional Team to manage your online guest and event.

  • Customise layout for streaming. 

  • Online Production crew to manage the Audio & Visual 

  • Streaming available on social media platform 

  • Relabel List of vendors available ( Decorations, Florist, Photographer & Video Grapher)

Emcees & Wedding Entertainers
Wedding Singers & Vocalist

Let us serenade your guest with our talented wedding singers and vocalist.

What we offer: 

  • Solo Performances

  • Vocalist Group (3 or more singers)

Live Band
& Performances

Transform the atmosphere of your wedding night with our talented musicians. 

What we offer: 

  • Essential Band: Pianist, Guitarist or Percussionist 

  • Deluxe Band: Saxophonist & Violinist

  • Dance, Performance & Choreography


Master of Ceremony


Our emcees are sure to engage & entertain your guest whislt making sure the event of the day runs smoothly and on time. Bilingual emcees available upon request.  

Audio & Visuals
Sound System & Engineer

Getting the right sound system is essential for your guest's experience. 

What we offer:

  • Rental of Sound System

  • Professional Sound Engineer

  • Professional Recording of Wedding Performances

Actual Day

Having all your items & visuals to match your deco & theme on the day. Choosing the right colours to match your theme in all aspects.

What we offer:

  • Welcome Signage

  • Personalized Photo Slideshow Compilation

  • Backdrop Slides (Still or moving images)

  • Wedding Ceremony Slides



Personalized Items

Designing of artwork according to your own personalized theme, set your guests up for the full themed experience from the moment they receive your invitation to when they arrive on your wedding day.  

What we offer:

  • Wedding Invitation Cards Design

  • Personal Logo & Catchphrase

  • Wedding Favours /Guest Gift

Singapore, Malaysia 

Tel: +65 98301172 / 9127 1102
Tel: +60 11 1187 0871

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